Wallaby is an NPC you can meet in A Girl Adrift. She is the resident of Sydney harbor.

She is a kangaroo musician, she plays the guitar and holds a microphone. (Norway's resident has mentioned that she wishes to listen to Wallaby play the guitar again)

Quotes:[edit | edit source]

"Love and Peace."

"Song helps me forget the loneliness."

"My name is Wallaby. Call my Wally."

"Love and peace, good stuff."

"All the life that fills this open sea is my audience."

"What is a great concert hall without the audience?"

"Fishermen stop by here and tell me
the news every now and then."

"I know a little bit of shanty, you want to listen?"

"Growing up, I lost my friends in the Flood..."

"A little food, water, and my guitar is all I need for my life."

"I have not heard from Busan... How is it over there?"

"If you follow the current, you can go to the African waters."

"Loss is not a moment, it is a continuation."

"Your raft, it's very sophisticated. I like it."

"Why don’t you get a haircut?"

"I want to be nice to a guest, but I have nothing to offer."

"It was my hobby to share stories
with people who came here."

"Residents on other islands? They may not be
the most friendly kind, but they're all good guys."

"Cheer up. I’ll be rooting for you."

"If I were you, I won't touch a white jellyfish if I met one."

"Fresh and fruity fish is a local delicacy around here."

"Haha, this fish around this part of the ocean is less violent."


"I was thinking about the Flood."

"I am the last wallaby left in this world."

"I'll understand if you confuse wallabies from kangaroos."

"I guess I'm a cousin of kangaroos."


"Loneliness is relative."

"Oh, where are you going this time?"


"I welcome you."

"New travelers are always welcome."

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