After successfully fishing, you would be shown a page of the fish's description if it is new. Later you would see repeat images of fish due to their level. You can check every description after successfully fishing in the log. To access the log, tap your rank and press the last tap with the fish icon.

There are at least 3 categories: Normal, Rare, and Boss.

Normal Fish

Normal fish typically found anywhere and has no specific location. However, some normal fish will only appear after you have reached a specific rank (i.e. R0, R1, R2...). Fish you can catch at Rank 0 and above are:

Image Name Rank Unlocked Description
Starfish 0 Laying here, all day long, doing nothing with an open mouth... And eat whatever comes in my mouth...
If you want to live such a life, it would not be a bad idea to reincarnate as a starfish.
Anchovy 0 If you throw a net, the fish will
come up in billions.
But if you fished a single anchovy with a fishing rod, nothing can
make it more special.
Mackerel 0 There are plenty of blue fish in this world, but the title "Blue Fish" will forever remain a catchphrase for this guy.
Halibut 3 A fish that sits on the floor of the sea.
It sometimes tilts its head up, and you’ll find it surprisingly cute.
Monkfish 3 It is a fish that those who really care about practicality, function, and taste rather than design, will love.
Sea Anemone.png
Sea Anemone 4 A sea anemone swims with
its whole body when it moves.
If you are wondering what it looks like,
I recommend you look up a video.
Tuna 5 If there is one good thing for a tuna in this situation where human civilization has collapsed, it may be that he has escaped from the economic relationship that surrounds him.
Conch 6 An organism that refuses to leave even one step away from home.
I feel that, I understand.
Shrimp 8 It is said that only a chosen few of the millions of planktons that survive to the end through a hard audition, gets to transform into a shrimp.
Rockfish 9 Another name is Bolak. It lives literally everywhere, from submerged buildings to stone artifacts.
Characin 10 It’s originally an aquarium fish, but fishtanks are a luxury in a world like this.
Let's make it some colorful fishcakes out of it.
Mozambique Tilapia.png
Mozambique Tilapia 11 A fish that dies if water
temperature drops.
It swims around in the warm ocean.
The shape of its tail is different from seabreams.
Catfish 13 A fish that can detect danger before a disaster occurs.
It is said that they have been witnessed several months before the Great Flood on the banks of the sea and around the world.
Mussel 14 A shell that will close quickly if you try to make eye contact with it.
The smooth shell seems
well taken care of.
Clam 15 A common shellfish that can be spotted easily around shallow seas.
There is a bunch of sand in its mouth.
Goldfish 17 Whether if it were a freshwater fish, a sea fish, whether if it’s fresh water or the sea, who I am, where I've been, it has forgotten it all.
Lobster 18 Those who had high expectations for the taste of lobster, once they ate it, said, "Well... It... Tastes like a big shrimp..." and gets slightly disappointed.
Sea Urchin.png
Sea Urchin 20 Even though they are spiny spiked creatures, the humans will eat up every inch of its soft flesh.
Hawaiian 21 A tropical fish whose origin is unknown.
It is surprisingly plump and sweet.
Stingray 23 It became popular since some people pointed out that its gills look like cute faces.
Silver Warehou.png
Silver Warehou 24 They are found in the West Indies
and the Pacific Ocean.
Their silver body is covered with black patches.

These fish however despite their name, are not based on fish in real life.

Image Name Rank Unlocked Description
Blood Carp.png
Blood Carp 26 A fish with red skin. If you keep looking, you can feel an unfortunate foreboding.
Cobalt Ladder.png
Cobalt Ladder 30 A fish that flocks in the sea with its allies to protect itself.
Pumpkin Jelly.png
Pumpkin Jelly 31 A fish that protects itself with its sticky skin. You can eat its wrapping-paper-like skin on top of its soft flesh.
Sugar Ghost.png
Sugar Ghost 33 A type of jellyfish that likes to surprise other fish. If it fails, it becomes a snack.
Ice Sea Bream.png
Ice Sea Bream 35 Fish that lives in muddy ice. It is rich in fat, thick in weight and popular as edible fish.
Yellow Mellow.png
Yellow Mellow 36 A small yellow fish. They gather in hordes and swim in a big group.
Because it tastes sour and sweet, it is good to eat like candy.
Blugo 38 A fish whose hometown is around Octoland. According to the testimony of the people of the other world, it is said that it tastes like eating olives on a loofah.
Wafflie & Machine.png
Wafflie & Machine 39 With its black body that looks like metal, it turns its prey into a warm waffle. The taste is said to be soft and sweet.
Bubble Bell.png
Bubble Bell 40 A kind of jellyfish. When the waves are heavy, it rings the bell, so you can judge the situation of the sea by catching one.
Roquid 41 A squid that fires itself like a rocket instead of shooting ink. It is popular as a toy.
Distant Sea Jellyfish.png
Distant Sea Jellyfish 42 A jellyfish whose body is 99.99% water. When you take it out of the water, it becomes like a crumpled plastic bag.

Rare Fish

Rare fish can only be found in specific locations after you've caught the boss fish first. Note: After fishing in Center of Altar, there will be no more rare fish past the area.

Image Name Location Description
Grass Mackerel.png
Grass Mackerel Seoul Fish that grows aquatic plants in the back.
Instead of eating food with their mouths, they live on the nutrients absorbed by water plants on their back.
Dumpling Fish.png
Dumpling Fish Tokyo Because they decided to stick together wherever they go, they ended up getting caught together.
Their flesh is sweet and soft.
Cherry Blossom Carp.png
Cherry Blossom Carp Hokkaido In spring, hundreds of the swimming together seem as if the cherry blossoms are floating on the sea.
It would be perfect if you could smell flowers instead of fish.
Old Boots.png
Old Boots Hong Kong Old boots that are often found in fishing games.
Sumie Carp.png
Sumie Carp Everest Fish that are caught only in Asia.
The white body is engraved with a pattern that seems to have been brushed with ink.
Soy Tube.png
Soy Tube Singapore You can pull the red spout and
use the soy sauce inside.
Often found in sushi restaurants.
Sunfish Bali Unfortunate fish that dies. all. the. time.
Piney Uluru A pufferfish-like tropical fish filled with pineapple-flavored flesh.
Your tongue will start to tingle if you eat too much of them.
Doctor Black.png
Doctor Black Auckland A fish that is known to slowly approach and heal the sick.
The exoskeleton of its head has uniquely evolved.
Grass Sea Dragon.png
Grass Sea Dragon Tasmania Sea creatures that look like aquatic plants when they are not moving.
When hanging out with friends, nobody notices if he's there.
Swimgem Mumbai Fish whose body is covered
with minerals like jewels.
The older they are, the more beautiful their shape becomes.
Coral Reef.png
Coral Reef Kilimanjaro Fish that carries coral around on its back.
It is very difficult to be recognized because it lives in the coral zone.
Watercorn Madagascar A fish that smells like sweet popcorn.
It has a similar appearance to the grain that once grew on the earth.
When in danger, it will run away, leaving some grains back.
Gazelle Cape Town A herbivorous fish that is always extremely cautious.
When it notices a predator nearby, it swims away as soon as it can. Otherwise, it will attack with its horns.
Discus African Gulf A beautiful tropical aquarium fish.
But the world no longer needs beautiful fish, and Discus had to learn how to put up a fight.
Sea Swallow.png
Sea Swallow Cairo A cephalopod that wears body color according to the color that is popular this year and crawls on the floor.
It rarely bites the bait, so you gotta be really lucky to catch one.
Axolotl Athens Also known as Uphallopa.
It may seem cute now...
But just wait until it grows up.
Seastar Paris The luminescent fish which glows at night.
When one lights up, another one and another draws a constellation in the sea with a glow.
Golden Turtle.png
Goldent Turtle Dublin Fish whose whole body is made of gold.
It's almost like gold bars
swimming in the sea.
You may break your teeth if you bite into it without thinking.
Gothfish Iceland A fish caught in the mystery of swimming in the sea with long dorsal fins stretching like lace.
It is hard to decipher its secret because it rots away quickly if you take it out of the water.
Sardine Pie.png
Sardine Pie Boston Is it the sin of human civilization? No one knows who did this.
You can almost hear a soft echo that says ‘Finish me...’ If you listen carefully.
Hotdog St. Louise A hot dog with sausage made of fish meat in between the breads.
It is perfect, except that it is wet with salt water.
Corntopus Florida An octopus sitting on a conical structure and swimming around the sea.
Its body is cold and brittle,
so you can eat it.
FYI, it's mint flavor.
Ironhead Grand Canyon Suspicious fish made of steel, electric circuits, and batteries.
No one knows where it was made, but it continues to appear.
Generalfish San Francisco Strong fish that proudly shows off a red crest and a golden body.
The name sounds mighty, but it's actually a really good sashimi fish.
Ghost Fish.png
Ghost Fish Panama A fish that swims around the sea
with its bluish body.
Even if you throw a net, it just slides off.
Footballfish Machu Picchu Fish that knows how to fish.
When it fishes a stronger fish, it runs away immediately.
Waxy Rio de Janeiro A fish that produces beeswax from an organ in its body.
When fully grown, it will stop growth and start melting.
Plesiosaurus Easter A gigantic dragon fish. Using its fins like an oar, it sweeps its head around and chews the bone of its prey.
It also chews away the concept of extinction.
Thorn Crab.png
Thorn Crab R’lyeh A crab with a sharp thorn
on its whole body.
It is fierce and agile, and raids another fish to take away whatever the other fish has. What a bully.
Flower Lilly.png
Flower Lilly Remnants of Inscriptions A fish that has long fins that look like flower stamen.
Sometimes they have different colors.
Cookie Fish.png
Cookie Fish Ruins If you look at it to find out if it’s a cookie, it runs away as soon as it notices you.
Known as the only cookie that doesn’t get soggy from being underwater.
Pinkypeace Lonely Pier When you want to celebrate something. Or just having a sweet tooth.
Grab one and decorate the table, and your dinner table will instantly feel more festive. It still tastes like fish.
Cupgake Trucidator A crab that carries Cupcake on its back. In a symbiosis with Pinkypeace,
as it likes to decorate its house with leftovers from Pinkypeace.
Magic Broom.png
Magic Broom Nostra A long fish that looks like a witch's broom. It is said to look like a flying broom, swinging under the sea quickly, shaking violently from side to side of the caudal fin.
Last Leaf.png
Last Leaf Early Autumn Road A fish often seen around Baked Yam. It often appears at the boundary between cold and warm seas, and often mistakenly gets bitten by other herbivorous fish.
Shellfish Lady.png
Shellfish Lady Refrigerated Sea A fish with many layers of beautiful shells on its head. A fashion leader who took both self-defense and design purposes at once. Sometimes it places shells of other fish for fun.
G-Force Ice Wall This fish shows fast moving and free lateral movement at times of crisis.
Rich in nutrients, it is said to help improve vision.
Sunfish* Center of Altar A fish that is worshipped by some cult group. Praise the sun!

*This Sun Fish is different from the first.

File:Jade Dragon.png


Jade Dragon Power Plant A creature that carries around a jewel full of energy. Even if you gather seven of them, it won’t grant you any wish.

*This data was found in the game data files, however its other components (artwork, etc.) are missing and therefore this fish doesn't fully exist yet.

Boss Fish

Like Rare fish, Boss fish can only be found in specific areas. They can be re-caught again alongside the rare fish.

Image Name Location Description
Taiyaking Seoul Let's not get too guilty about its side.
It could be worse...
Sushi Shark.png
Sushi Shark Tokyo The name's shark...
But it actually tastes like salmon.
Takoyaki Hokkaido It is the most delicious
when it is freshly caught,
but be careful of the hot contents.
Pine Turtle.png
Pine Turtle Hong Kong You can guess its age
with the tree on its back.
It is often mistaken as an island.
Butter Squid.png
Butter Squid Everest Its tempting look and
smell is hard to resist.
The salty flavor is almost deadly.
King Crab.png
King Crab Singapore Crab of crabs, king of kings.
But it’s mostly just a fad.
So it says on the foodie blog.
Angelic Jellyfish.png
Angelic Jellyfish Bali It is named an “angel” named because of how beautiful it looks dancing in the sea. But if you ever touch it, that's going to be your one way ticket to heaven.
Saw Stingray.png
Saw Stingray Uluru According to a recent interview, it mentioned how upsetting it is to get called “Saw Shark” all the time.
Little Penguin.png
Little Penguin Auckland With a “Little Penguin” at this size, it's hard to imagine what a “Big Penguin” will look like.
Sea Dragon.png
Sea Dragon Tasmania A large herbivorous creature that attacks all those who invade its territory.
Let's not challenge yourself if you value your life.
Sea Cobra.png
Sea Cobra Mumbai A reptile known to drag its prey into the deep sea after paralyzing it with its fangs.
Be careful, it tends to spit poisonous fluids.
Rock Eater.png
Rock Eater Kilimanjaro Because it was told to eat everything,
it ended up being able to swallow and digest rocks.
Voodoo Fish.png
Voodoo Fish Madagascar Is it a patched-up plushie?
It's actually a bizarre fish.
Whether it be a fish or a doll, what really matters is the taste.
Totem Fish.png
Totem Fish Cape Town Get one, and get the rest for free.
Born together, caught together, and eaten together...☆
Warrior African Gulf An African born warrior said to flip a battleship over with a headbutt.
Grab your fishing rod. It is a one-on-one fight between warriors.
Mjölnir Shark.png
Mjölnir Shark Cairo A type of hammer shark that emits high-voltage current from the head.
It is known for its rivalry with fish named Trident.
Viking Shell.png
Viking Shell Athens It has been said that even if dozens of people rushed to get its flesh and adductor muscle for delicacy, they could not penetrate the hard shell.
Seal Paris Drinking when you're swimming, the bait may look like a snack.
It swims in the cold sea, but its body temperature is very high.
Ice Shark.png
Ice Shark Dublin A shark that protects itself by covering it whole body with ice.
You need to be careful because it will disguise itself as an iceberg and then come at you in a blink of an eye.
Trident Iceland Mjölnir Shark is known to be
its archenemy.
If you're lucky, you might be able to witness a battle between a long spear and a lightning hammer.
Haunted Ship.png
Haunted Ship Boston A hermit crab that hid himself in an abandoned ship.
Where the water is shallow, it actually looks like a ghost ship.
Hamburgtle St. Louise Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a turtle...
Bada-ba-ba-ba!!! I'm lovin' it!!!
Unicorn Florida Blessings to those who have a pure heart.
For those who are not, a full body blow.
In other words.. Be careful.
Superball Grand Canyon A fish that swims at a speed close to 200 km per hour when it finds a target.
It never stops before touchdown.
Skull Squid.png
Skull Squid San Francisco A mutant squid born in
a polluted area of ​​the sea.
It’s fierce and violent, so be careful not to get caught in its tentacles.
Dark Ammonite.png
Dark Ammonite Panama Ammonite covered with
a skin containing obsidian.
If you lay it sideways, it will not be able to move.
Dead Cage.png
Dead Cage Machu Picchu It starts to parasitize in large, powerful fishes, gradually takes its inside, and at last the fish that makes its skeleton its booty.
Evil Blowfish.png
Evil Blowfish Rio de Janeiro It is a delicacy of the sea and the finest cooking material. However its poison is dozens of times stronger than that of an ordinary blowfish.
Let a blowfish expert take care of it.
Deep One.png
Deep One Easter On the day when the full moon emerges, a number of Deep Ones gather to call the name of the ancient god and performs synchronized swimming.
It's a horrifying sight to imagine.
Qthulhu R’lyeh We succeeded in defeating the evil ancient god before it is fully formed.
“But be careful, he will come back again. Tekell-lee-li-!”
Bitedog Remnants of Inscriptions It was originally a group of fish, but as it mutated in the sea,
some of them became big and furious, and began to attack the surroundings.
Pumpkin Whale.png
Pumpkin Whale Ruins Instead of spraying a fountain on the back, it dispenses a sweet, honey-like liquid.
Its mouth is said to be full of caramel and pumpkin syrup.
Venom Lonely Pier A fish that emits poison from its entire body. It pollutes the surrounding sea.
Once you get bitten, there is no cure for it.
Rampley Trucidator Also known as Mad Rampley. The ancestor was presumed to be a leprous eel, but it has now become a monster of the sea whose body structure has completely been changed.
Damus Nostra No one knows how this creature came to life. It seems to have lived for a very long time, and lives without dying until the energy generated in its body destroys itself.
Baked Yam.png
Baked Yam Early Autumn Road A very hot fish with skin that constantly falls off and grows back.
If you swallow it without thinking, you will get a stomach burn, so be careful when eating it.
Ice Breeder.png
Ice Breeder Refrigerated Sea A fish that lives on the bottom of the sea, raising young fish on its back.
Just look how cute they are.
Mega Hot King Crab.png
Mega Hot King Crab Ice Wall This creature appears in front of those who are passing through the ice wall and welcomes them with a warm embrace.
It has a reputation as the most dangerous free hug in the world.
Guardian Center of Altar A being known to test those who desire to borrow the brilliant strength of the brilliant creature.
There is no way of knowing where it come from or why.
Ocean King.png
Ocean King Power Plant The octopuses call it the Ocean King. Before regaining full strength, it fell asleep under the sea forever.
Let’s hope we never see it again.
V10 Whale.png
V10 Whale Hibernation Room A huge fish released from isolation. As soon as its body woke from a long sleep, it began to run amok.
Bigfather Penguin.png
Big Father Penguin Isolated Prison A legendary being that united the herd of Little Penguins through an offer they can’t refuse.
Unlike its appearance, it has a voice as hard as ice.
Swimming Spaghetti Monster.png
Swimming Spaghetti Monster Altar Construction Lab A monster that became the object of faith in a religious cult. Rumor says that if you give your faith to it, you can go to a heaven full of meatballs and spaghetti.
Prefab Fish.png
Prefab Fish Secret Archieve A horrible fish that makes the victim to step on it by teleporting itself.
When you step on the round skeleton protruding from its back, you’ll know what “trauma” really means.
Crane Turtle.png
Crane Turtle Energy Absorber A tortoise that catches other fish with its flexible tentacles and locks them inside.
Rumor says that it lets them out one by one if you hand it some coins.
Heart Cradle An energy source that contains the knowledge of Siamese biotechnologists that have landed on Earth.
You can guess their skill levels from the magic power occasionally leaking out of it.

Legendary Fish

Legendary fish can only be caught if you have enough Traces of Legend. You will be prompted to visit a Thunderstorm in order to "catch" the legendary fish. Successfully doing so will give you Amber stones for Altars, which give various benefits. Like other fish, Legendary fish have timers on their health bar, however, their health bar "fills" rather than depletes. Filling the bars will give you more Amber stones and increase the hitpoints needed to get more. Also be aware that you are engaged in actual combat with them - if their attacks hit you, your time to fight them decreases, but you can defend against their attacks by tapping the attack particles (musical notes, etc). There are currently 2 Legendary Fish.



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