Norway is an NPC you can meet in A Girl Adrift. She is the resident of Norway harbor.

You can upgrade your skins at her anvil.

Though she is small, she doesn't want to be seen as weak. Multiple of her quotes convey messages such as "Don't look down on me because I'm a girl"

Quotes:[edit | edit source]


"Originally this used to be a land covered with snow."

"It's not that fancy of an island, but I hope you relax here."

"Most of the people who come here are skilled seaman."

"Did you know that the sea level
goes down slightly every few years?"

"Sometimes I like to think about the past..."

"If you find any seeds of plants, please tell me."

"I can not even dream of sailing because of
all the monstrous fish these days."

"I think that nature changes itself."

"Don't look down on me because I’m a girl."

"If you don’t respect me, I might kick your behind!"

"I want to become a forest keeper one day!"

"Ouch-! Don't pull my ears!"

"I used to be really picky with food,
but now I can eat all kinds of fish!"

"The Whack-A-Mole game? I’d like to try...
But it's quite an adventure."

"The hymn of fish is the hymn of courage!"

"The colder it is, the more you've got to move."

"I wish I could get more comic books here..."

"I have been to other islands on
other drifters’ boats before. Ahem!"

"I have traveled quite a few seas around here."

"I wonder if Mr.panther is doing well. He was quite injured..."

"Have you met Ms.Wallaby?
I wish I could listen to her play guitar one more time... "

"Arm your raft to make it safer in your future adventures."


"Pulling my ears won't do anything for you."

"I’m not that cold because my whole body is covered with fur."

"Please say hello to Mr.Kathy for me when you meet him."

"Don't get hurt... Alright?"

"I wish the land gets revealed one day,
and flowers and trees to grow..."

"Humans aren't very hairy... Are you sure you're okay?"

"Chopper? Is that my nickname?"

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