Kathy is an NPC you can meet in A Girl Adrift. He is the resident of New York harbor.

He seems to be friends with the cat from Alchemy island.

Quotes:[edit | edit source]

"Ah... Is it a guest..."

"Where are you coming from?"


"Tell me if you want to buy or sell anything."

"I would like to stop watching the sea."

"My name is Kathy. My former owner decided so."

"Don’t you show me boxes.
I have a strong urge to jump inside."

"How many years has it been
since I had my nails trimmed..."

"You probably have traveled all the seas by now...
But you’re traveling still?"

"I remember hearing your story
from the kid on that island."

"Look at you. Not something I should say, but still."

"Don't touch a cat's belly."

"At least say something before you do."

"I spend most of my day sleeping."

"Oh, I miss Wally's song."

"How is that big black cat doing?"

"Don't get in the contaminated waters.
There's a big guy in there..."

"I used to fly over the fences."

"You came all the way here from the east sea?
You must be pretty talented."

"Believe it or not, I used to be
the most charming cat in the town."

"There are too many people who have
not returned from the Pacific Ocean..."

"There was a rumor of a ghost ship.
I've never seen one before."

"I was playing with a grasshopper
when I pulled my back..."

"Why don’t you settle down?"

"I want a cat tree..."


"Why are you so obsessed with my belly?"

"Why do you keep watching me
when I’m washing my face?"

"You have a fancy boat."

"Your ship is full of interesting stuff."

"I’ll look for useful junk while
walking down the alley tonight."

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