Alchemy is an NPC you can meet in A Girl Adrift. She is the resident of the Alchemy island.

She can give you free pearls or mastery after a cool down. You can also exchange potions with her to get more of each.

Quotes:[edit | edit source]

"Choose which one you want more☆"

"Fu fu fu..."

"So much fish, I’m getting sick of it...
I haven’t had anything to eat besides fish."

"Why don’t I go fishing?
That’s because...
I don’t want to get wet ☆"

"Do you want to have a potion?
Don’t worry about one
or two strands of hair♬"

"You need to drink potions
often to prevent diseases!
It's rich in vitamins."

"Why don’t I go fishing?
Well~ I get motion sickness☆"

"Nyah... The magic power stuck
in the sea... It will take quite
a long time to disappear..."

"Well, if things didn't work out, I was going
to go out to sea with other survivors!
Although it wasn't necessary
because you came!"

"Do you know that you arrived at
a really breathtaking timing? Nyaha!"

"Nyao, I think I know how you came to
this world, bur I won't bother mention it."

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